The Wedding Jar – what’s it all about then?

The Wedding Jar – what’s it all about then?

Hello and thank you for joining us!

Firstly, huge congratulations to you and your husband or wife to be on your engagement – what an exciting time for you both!

Hopefully you’ve already spotted some of our fantastic deals and special offers on our Latest Deals page and a few of our articles but you still might be wondering what the Wedding Jar is all about.

Well… When it comes to your wedding we know that you want it to be perfect – not just the day itself but the whole experience of planning the BEST DAY EVER. We also know that weddings can be extremely expensive and costs soon mount up. So our aim is to help you get the day and wedding planning journey that you’ve dreamt of – but to help you save some pennies along the way. And so here’s what we have stashed in our ‘Wedding Jar’ to help us do that…

  • Special offers, deals and discounts on lots of local wedding related stuff that we think will be relevant to you as you plan your special day.
  • DIY wedding features – giving you ideas and showing you how to make things for your wedding yourselves, saving you money and helping you add the personal touch to your special day.
  • Information and advice on local suppliers and general wedding planning (or wedmin as some of us like to call it!) as well as some carefully selected ‘real Dorset weddings’ to help give you some great ideas.

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A little more about us

The Wedding Jar is Dorset-based and is focused on helping couples who are planning their wedding in Dorset.

‘Why Dorset?’ you ask. Quite simply because we live here and we love it! We feel it’s a beautiful and unique county to get married in and what’s even better is that there are hundreds of amazing Dorset-based wedding suppliers who can make your wedding even more special. And we can help you find the very best ones!