Featured product and special offer – look and feel better in just 9 days

Featured product and special offer – look and feel better in just 9 days

With the festive season not even in full swing, it may feel a little early to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, but if you’re thinking about kicking off a new health regime come January and are determined that 2018 will be a year of feeling fitter and healthier then this blog’s for you! 

Here at The Wedding Jar we recently met a lady called Sherry who runs a Forever Living business and offers a vast range of health and wellness products. Sherry told us all about the benefits of one particular product – the C9 – a nine day cleanse that can help you break unhealthy habits and kick start a healthier lifestyle.

Looking and feeling better in just nine days. This sounded like a perfect way to start 2018 to us so we asked Sherry to tell us more…

Sherry, tell us exactly what the C9 is?

The C9 is a nine day calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme and is perfect for making; (1) A short term change – returning from a holiday or period of over indulgence, something to get them back on track and give their digestive system a rest. (2) A lifestyle change – being out of the habit of good eating and exercise for a while and these good habits need to be re-established. Refocusing with goals of becoming slimmer, feeling healthier and more energised. (3) Enhancements to an already well established-eating and exercise regime (it’s even used by athletes!).

2. And what makes it different to other weight loss programmes?  

The programme is designed to help, educate and retrain you to make healthier choices and have a positive attitude to food and exercise. The C9 is a cleanse which is designed to reset the body and get it working as effectively as possible. It is not just for weight loss, athletes use the programme as a way to help fine tune their body’s fitness and performance. It helps you break bad habits and establish good habits that promote clean eating, all the while not dropping your calorie intake to a level that will impact on your metabolic rate.

3. So talk us through what you need to do over the 9 days? And what type of things do you eat?

Before you begin you take some time to record your measurements and weigh yourself. You are also encouraged to think of some goals that will you achieve the best possible results. eg. take the stairs every day, lose a few pounds, eat more fruit.

The programme centres around the cleansing Aloe Vera drinking gel. It is supported by nutrition supplements and protein shakes. You have a list of free foods that you may eat throughout the day if you’re feeling hungry and menus are provided for your evening meal to ensure it is balanced. Following the programme, you are guided through when to drink the gel, take the supplements and shake and suggestions for exercise are also given. Days 1 and 2 see you drinking gel 4 times a day, having your supplements and fibre, protein shake and eating from the list of free foods. Day 3-8 you take the gel once a day, continue with the supplements and shakes and eat a 600 calorie meal in the evening. Day 9 is gel in the morning, supplements and fibre, shake for breakfast, 300 calorie meal for lunch and 600 calorie meal for dinner.

4. Is it difficult to stick to?

The first two days are undoubtedly tough but they are key to the final results. There is a list of free foods and you can be creative with these to help you on your way. On Day 1 we made a colourful salad using some of the free foods and on Day 2 we had steamed leeks, spinach and peppers with garlic and chili. I poached pears with ginger, vanilla and water for dessert. Day three is a happy day as you are having a proper meal in the evening and the recipes are delicious and easy to make. Days 4 and 5 see your energy levels rise and this acts as a real motivator to keep you on track. Days 6,7,8 are easier as the good habits are forming and the cravings for unhealthy foods and drinks lessen or disappear. Day 9 is another high point as you have two proper meals and the end is in sight!

6. How did you feel when you completed it?

I felt amazing when I did the C9 in April. I lost an incredible 16lbs which is very rare – most people, if they have weight to lose, will have a weight loss of between 4 and 10 lbs and a good inch loss. I lost 22 inches and felt the best I have felt in years. My sleep was improved, and people were commenting on how great I looked with compliments about my hair, skin and nails.

7. Why would you recommend the C9 for brides and grooms-to-be in particular?

This programme is 9 days which makes it easier to complete. It contributes to the wellness of the whole body, promoting healthy hair, skin and digestion. Energy levels are often a result of a more efficient working gut and digestive system. Personally, I found increased energy levels and that I began to sleep better at night and woke feeling refreshed. My skin had a glow about it that people commented on and my hair and nails both looked and felt in fabulous condition. The Aloe drinking gel contributes to the support of healthy immune and digestive systems so brides will be able to look and feel their very best for their big day. It is also a great focus for the groom too and there have been several couples that have done the C9 together in the run up to their wedding.


Ready to change your habits and feel healthy? Sherry is offering the C9 to Wedding Jar reader’s for a special price of £99 plus FREE delivery. (It usually costs £108 with £3.50 delivery). To redeem this offer please contact Sherry directly on 07748 274295 or via her Facebook page and quote ‘weddingjar99’. Sherry is also offering a further 5% off any other products ordered at the same time.

For more information about the C9 and other Forever Living fitness and weight management programmes visit www.sherrycannon-jones.foreverlivingsite.com