DIY weddings: Rustic picnic baskets

DIY weddings: Rustic picnic baskets

If you’re having a countryside or outdoor wedding, rustic picnic baskets can be a really fun and interesting alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast. It’s a fab way to make the catering side of things personal to you and your groom. 

Rustic picnic baskets

Difficulty: Easy / Time: 1 hours per item / Cost: approx £50 per item

What you’ll need (per basket):
– Picnic baskets
– Coloured ribbon (1/2 metre)
– Coloured tissue paper (10-12 sheets)
– Whatever contents you like

Make a list of contents for your basket. If you’re having a small number of guests, you really can do this yourself and either shop around or bake the ingredients from scratch. For larger numbers, a local deli may be able to supply and deliver your basket contents to you on the big day. Either way there is so much to choose from and you can pop anything you fancy into your baskets – cured meats, olives, cheese, chutney, quiche and pork pies are our firm picnic favourites!

Next hunt down some cheap picnic hampers from local charity shops (you can usually pick them up for around £10), and make sure you give them a good scrub.

Cut your ribbon into four equal pieces and weave them into the belt fastenings.

Line the baskets with 10-12 sheets of coloured tissue paper, separating the layers putting them at different angles.

Then you’ll just need to add your foodie bits on the day.

Tip: Match coloured paper napkins with the tissue paper for a consistent look.

Insider info: For our wedding picnic, we used an amazing deli – The Salt Pig, who are based in Wareham, Dorset. Check them out at

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