DIY weddings: Quick and easy bunting

DIY weddings: Quick and easy bunting

Come on and jump on the bunting wagon! It’s a super easy and cheap way to decorate your wedding venue, making it uniquely yours. You can purchase material online, from a shop or even use old dresses and clothing if you’re going for a completely vintage style wedding. 

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Quick and easy bunting

Difficulty: Medium / Time: 2 hours / Cost: £5 per metre

What you’ll need:

  • Different coloured material
  • A roll of bunting tape
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


To make 5 metres of bunting you will need around 25 flags. These will be 15cm in width and any length that you want (20cm makes a good bunting triangle).

Start by making a cardboard template of the bunting triangle. You can then use this to trace round onto your material. To minimise waste of material you can lay the template down, alternating the side. Repeat the process on all the colours of material you’d like to use and cut them out using a pair of sharp scissors. If you’re having a rustic style affair you could use a pair of pinking shears, which will finish it off neatly with a zig zag effect.


Next, mark the inside of the bunting tape with each width of the triangle and then leave a 5cm gap and mark the next triangle width. Repeat until you’ve reached the end of the tape. Remember to leave around 1 metre at each end of the tape for tying up. Iron the bunting tape in half.

Collect all of your bunting triangles together – one by one, place between the folded bunting tape and using your marks, start sewing along the bunting tape and over the triangles using a sewing machine. Continue the stitch over the gaps to ensure the tape remains neat. Once all of your triangles are sewn, iron the whole length of the bunting flat.


Tip: Why not create double sided bunting, using a bold colour on one side and a pattern on the other? Simply double up the material at the start and sew together before securing with the bunting tape.

Wedding Photos by Kerry Bartlett –

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