DIY weddings: Painted glass jars

DIY weddings: Painted glass jars

We’re very excited to bring you the first of our DIY wedding articles from the super talented and super creative, Claire. Over to you, Claire…

DIY Painted Glass Jars

Difficulty: Easy / Time: 0.5 hours per item / Cost: £1 per item

A super quick, easy and affordable way to personalise and add a splash of colour to your wedding!

What you will need:

– A selection of glass jars  – we asked people to collect them for us too 😉
– Tester pots of emulsion in your selected colours
– Paintbrush
– Newspaper
– Damp cloth
– Ribbon, lace or twine


Lay the newspaper down and set your jars out. Pour half of the tester pot into the bottom of your glass jar.

Turn upside down and let the paint run to the top. Very slowly, rotate the jar covering the whole of the inside of the glass with the paint.

It will take around half an hour per jar, but it does ensure an even and thick coverage. I found it helpful to set a couple off at a time. You can fill in any gaps, spreading the paint with the paintbrush.

Alternatively, you can paint the inside of the glasses by hand, with a couple of thin layers of the paint, letting it dry in between. Although I did find that doing it this way showed up the brush marks.

Leave to dry overnight. You can then add any embellishments, like ribbon, lace or twine to the jars for the added personal touch.

Tip: If you get any paint on the outside of the jar, it’s much easier to remove whilst it’s still wet, just wipe with a damp cloth.



Photos of finished jars by Kerry Bartlett –


Ask Claire…
Our DIY wedding articles are written by the lovely and very talented, Claire. Claire is a graphic designer who created an array of beautiful handmade wedding decorations and props for her own wedding at Sopley Mill near Christchurch in 2015. If you fancy any of the items on our DIY weddings page but haven’t got time to make them yourself,  you can contact Claire by emailing and she can make them for you!