DIY weddings: Make your wedding sparkle!

DIY weddings: Make your wedding sparkle!

Create some truly unique photographs and amazing memories with this easy DIY wedding reception winner. With our free downloadable template, it’s even easier to put that sparkle into your big day!

Wedding Reception Sparklers

Difficulty: Easy / Time: 5 mins per item / Cost: 20p per item

What you’ll need:

  • Sparklers
  • Thick card in the colour you’d like to use (I used kraft card)
  • Computer and printer
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Jar or can to display them
  • Decorations for your jar – lace/twine/ribbon
  • Sand (optional)
  • Our lovely printable template (click here to download the template) 

Get the amount of sparklers you will need for your guests. If you’re doing them indoors, make sure you get specialist indoor sparklers and check with your venue that you’re allowed to use them. If you’re having a winter wedding you can usually pick up a real bargain after bonfire night!

Using our cute template (click here to download the template), print out onto any type of card you want using an inkjet printer. You can choose colours for the card that will match the theme of your wedding.

Cut out the tags using the scissors and add a single hold punch to each end. Thread the cards on to each sparkler with the sparkler sitting behind the card.


Decorate a glass jar or tin can to display your sparklers. If you fill the container with sand, you can stick the sparklers into it to make a fan display. You could also use the jar then afterwards for your guests to pop their hot sparklers into.


Tip: You can make your own frame to sit beside the display of sparklers, to show the guests what you intend to do  …and don’t forget the matches for the big day!!

Ask Claire… Our DIY wedding articles are written by the lovely and very talented, Claire. Claire is a graphic designer who created an array of beautiful handmade wedding decorations and props for her own wedding at Sopley Mill near Christchurch in 2015. If you fancy any of the items on our DIY weddings page but haven’t got time to make them yourself,  you can contact Claire by emailing and she can make them for you!