DIY weddings: Glass bottle light decorations

DIY weddings: Glass bottle light decorations

A simple, fuss free and low risk way to add a little twinkle to your reception tables. By using a variety of different shaped and coloured bottles, you can create unique centrepieces for your evening guests to enjoy. 

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Glass bottle light decorations

Difficulty: Easy / Time: 0.25 hours per item / Cost: £8 per item

What you’ll need:
– A selection of coloured glass bottles (we asked people to collect them for us too)
– USB Rechargeable bottle lights
– Decoration materials – lace, ribbon or twine

Start by collecting interesting shaped and coloured bottles – some good shapes are Bombay Sapphire gin, craft beer, small liqueur and some wine bottles. Make sure they’re throughly washed and clean before use.


Next, add some simple decoration to your bottles to tie into your wedding colour palette. You could use lengths of lace, twine or pieces of coloured ribbon and tie to dress the neck of the bottle. You could choose a simple design, or add some embellishments such as buttons, glass beads or artificial flowers to secure the tie.


Make sure the bottle light is fully charged via USB and insert into the top of the bottle. It’s a good idea to have a USB plug handy to ensure they’re charged on the day. You could use a couple of different bottles for your evening reception tables to create an intimate and personal atmosphere.

Tip: You can buy a variety of different bottle lights including string lights, fibre optic and coloured lights which work in exactly the same way.

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