DIY weddings: Easy peasy cake stand

DIY weddings: Easy peasy cake stand

In this article, Claire explains how to have a go at making your very own cake stand…

Easy peasy cake stand

Difficulty: Easy / Time: 1 hour per item / Cost: approx £5 per item

This one is extremely easy and takes next to no time at all! It can be used for your cake, or simply to use to add interest to tables. We used the one we made to hold our multi-coloured napkins. Just choose a colour to compliment your wedding.

What you’ll need:

– 1 plate
– 1 bowl
– Can of spray paint
– Tube of superglue
– Newspaper



Find a decorative plate and bowl from your local charity shop, or use up any old china you may have.

Carefully trace round the bottom of the bowl with a line of superglue. Place the correct way up on top of the underside of the plate. Hold in position for a couple of minutes before flipping it over and letting gravity do the work.

When it’s fully stuck, take to a well ventilated area and place on a large area of newspaper. Shake the spray paint for the time stated on the can. Spray and cover the area of the plate and bowl. Leave to dry and repeat the process on the underside of the item. Wait for it to dry completely before handling.

Tip: If the patterns on the plate/bowl are still showing through, give it another light coat.


The finished product holding our multi-coloured napkins on the cake table at our wedding…


Photos above by Kerry Bartlett:


Ask Claire… Our DIY wedding articles are written by the lovely and very talented, Claire. Claire is a graphic designer who created an array of beautiful handmade wedding decorations and props for her own wedding at Sopley Mill near Christchurch in 2015. If you fancy any of the items on our DIY weddings page but haven’t got time to make them yourself,  you can contact Claire by emailing and she can make them for you!