Place name holders for under a fiver

Place name holders for under a fiver

This is the first of our DIY wedding articles where we’ll show you how to make some lovely, personalised and extremely budget-friendly bits and pieces for your wedding.

Place name holders. There are loads (and loads) of options for these and we’re sure you’ve already spent a fair few hours scanning Pinterest for beautiful place name holders that will look gorgeous on your wedding breakfast tables.

But if your budget is tight and you’re looking for things you can save on so that you’ve got more to spend on the bigger things (that really cool wedding band, yummy canapés or THAT dress!) then here’s a cute idea for place name holders that’ll cost under a fiver for 100, saving you a very decent amount of money!

Introducing… Champagne cork place name holders.

You will need:

  • 100 x  used champagne or sparkling wine corks. You may well be thinking where on earth will I get this many corks? Yes, we all like bubbles but 100 corks?!! We suggest you find yourself a few friendly bar managers and ask if they can save some corks for you. And get your friends, colleagues and family involved in saving them for your collection too. Failing that, you can buy used champagne corks from eBay (£26 for 100 plus postage) but that’s going to push your total spend up.
  • 100 x folded white place name cards. Available from eBay, costing £3.50 for 100.
  • 1 x black Sharpie marker pen
  • 1 x stanley knife


  1. Take each cork and very carefully make a cut across the top of it, using the stanley knife. The cut should be approximately 5mm deep.
  2. Take your Sharpie pen and write your guests’ names onto one side of the place name cards (with the folded side at the top). We think big scrawley writing looks best! If you’re not keen on your own handwriting then have a think about whether you have any friends with lovely writing who you could ask to help.
  3. Take each of your cards, press both of the folding sides together and carefully push into the cut you’ve made on the top of each cork so that it stays in place.
  4. Stand your cork up and admire your work!

And there you have it! Very simple and very cheap but they look really cool!