DIY weddings: Bubble confetti

DIY weddings: Bubble confetti

Looking for something a little different to celebrate walking back up the aisle as Mr & Mrs?  Switching to bubbles is a fun and easy alternative, giving you the ‘confetti shot’ but with a twist. Some venues even request that you do not use the traditional style confetti due to the mess so bubbles are great to have instead. It’s also a chance to add some colour and personality to your ceremony!

Bubble confetti

What you’ll need:
– Minature bubbles
– Ribbon

Search the internet for the type of bubbles you’d like your guests to use. There is such a huge collection out there to choose from – from champagne bottles to cakes, diamonds and hearts. If you buy in bulk it will make the cost per item cheaper.

There are lots of ways to display your bubbles and how you tell your guests to use them. You could hang them off their chairs with ribbon, pop them into a glass jar or suitcase, ask one of your ushers to give them out or even ask your guests to pick them up on the way into the ceremony.

To decorate the tubes of bubbles: Cut 30cm lengths of ribbon, either one colour or you can try using different complimentary colours, or tones of your chosen wedding colour, to add variety. Tie the ribbon onto each item, using a knot then a bow to secure them. This can be done months in advance of your wedding.

Tip: Get your bridesmaids, flower girls and mothers to help with this one. People love to get involved and help – they’ll also get to see some of their handiwork on the big day.

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